Merfinavo USB iPhone/iPad memory USB Stick have the encryption funnction,let review how to encrypt the folder with IUSB pro

For this guide, we’re using an Merfinavo flash drive from Amazon UK (£23.79 Prime 5%discount)

Step One: Get Your App

The first thing you’ll need to do is get the app for your flash drive. In our case, the app for the Merfinavo is called IUSB pro.

Free APP “iUSB Pro” automatically prompt installed at the first connect,Once you’ve figured out what app you need and you’ve got it installed, you’re on your way.

Step Two: Plug In Your Flash Drive and Fire Up the App

With the appropriate app installed, go ahead and plug in your flash drive if you haven’t already. If the app isn’t running, you should get a prompt to launch it now. Do that.

  1. Click Settings -> IUSB Encrypt


2.input the password if you the first time to enable Encrypt function or you can modify the password.

step2step3 can select the folder that you want to Encrypt

More -> Edit ->select the folder -> Action


5. Enable Encrypt the folder


6.Finally you have Encrypted the folder successfully, and then unplug the USB stick, and plug in IPhone again, It shows lock, you need to input the password or Touch ID if you select the Touch ID


More Important:

Please remember the encrypt password, when you encrypted your folder, your folder is invisible in your window PC.

You need to disable the folder encrypt with your iphone or ipad.

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